Terminal Illness Accelerated Benefit Rider and Eligibility

This rider allows the owner to accelerate some or all of the Insured Person’s base life insurance benefit in the event the Insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness. A terminal illness is defined as an illness or physical condition that is certified by a physician to be reasonably expected to result in the Insured’s death within 24 months from the date of certification.


Term Length 10 to 35 year term
Coverage Amounts Starting at $100,000
Issue Ages Age 18–45 for Mortgage Life 35 years

Age 18–55 for Mortgage Life 30 years

Age 18-63 for Mortgage Life 25 years

Age 18-70 for Mortgage Life 20 years

Age 18-75 for Mortgage Life 15 years

Age 18-80 for Mortgage Life 10 years


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