5 Benefits of Buying A Term Insurance Plan At A Young Age

The majority of the world is filled with well-educated, young professionals that recognize and value the importance of financial independence. Yet, many of them delay purchasing life insurance until they reach a certain age. Indeed, if we go by stats, less than 50% of individuals between 25 and 35 years have even heard of term insurance and less than half have purchased such policies. When we consider just how unpredictable life can be, this figure is both puzzling and worrying.

Growing older also increases the responsibilities we have. With age comes the recognition that we have taken care of not just us, but the people closest to us as well. Purchasing a term insurance plan can shift the burden of you and empower you to live a stress free life. Whether it is to plan for your child’s college education or your parent’s medical expenses, a good term insurance plan will enable you to easily handle these expenses at a time you would need it the most. However, similar to any decision in life, the decision to purchase a term insurance plan must be taken at the correct time. And that time is now.

Benefits of purchasing a term insurance plans at a young age:

1. Lower premium
As we grow old, we fall under the category of being in high risk of developing health complications. As a result, if you purchase a term insurance plan when you are young, insurance companies will offer a plan with a lower premium. Conversely, if you purchase a term plan later on in life, the premiums will be higher. In simple words, the younger you are, the lower the premium amount will be for the entire duration of the term plan.

2. Tax benefits
A term insurance plan also saves tax as it offers certain tax benefits. Often, the premium that you pay for your term insurance plan can be deducted from your total income. This decreases your taxable income, ultimately decreasing your tax liability as well.

Additionally, the benefits or the payout received from a term insurance plan are also tax deferred, given that the payout is at least 10 times the annual premium amount paid.

3. Reduced dependence on employer’s term insurance
Although it is great to have an employer’s term insurance policy, it shouldn’t be the sole policy you rely on. As you progress in your career, you might switch between jobs and every time you do so, your insurance policy with your current employer becomes inactive. Additionally, there is no certainty that your next employer will even provide a decent insurance cover, if any.

4. Lower rejection rate
If you suffer from a pre-existing illness, chances are that your term insurance application will be rejected. This is due to the perceived notion that such illnesses make it more risky for insurance agencies according to their underwriting practices. However, when you are young, free of any illnesses and physically in the prime of your life, your application can be approved without any hassle.

5. Stress-free life
Living life to its fullest is one of the main benefits of buying a term insurance plan at the correct age. Life has a way of changing constantly and a good term insurance plan will let you increase or lower your insurance coverage as you require, depending on the provision stated in the term pan, allowing you to be prepared and insured for any eventuality. For instance, once your children grow up and become independent, you can choose to decrease your insurance cover, thereby decreasing the premiums associated with it.

If you still consider yourself to be too young to purchase a term insurance plan, think again. In the unpredictable and uncertain world we live in, purchasing a term insurance plan at a young age can turn out to be the best financial decision you will ever make.


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